Thomas The Bachelor obviously has a favourite: ‘I’m feeling nervous’

Thomas The Bachelor obviously has a favourite: 'I'm feeling nervous'

Attention, this article contains spoilers about BSC.

Love in the Mexican air. Ingie isn’t the only one who shares intimate moments with the bachelor. When Thomas takes Merrill to the Mud Ritual to get close to each other, a spark jumps out – much to Angie’s disappointment.

After the two hug each other for minutes, look each other in the eye and smear the mud, Thomas can’t wait to kiss his date. “I feel nervous and want to tell her how much I like her.”

When Meryl returns to the farm with an ear-to-ear smile and the other ladies tell their story, Angie feels the mood has already set in: In Meryl she finds formidable competition. “That was awesome,” Merrill concluded. “That’s nice for you, shit for us,” Angie snaps at once, because she, too, has feelings for the bachelor.

Angie: “That’s not nice. I thought it was really, really, really stupid and thought: I can be happy for her, but of course I’m not. Of course I’m not happy for her.” She wonders what her romantic date with Thomas the night before was actually worth, if he was having an intimate relationship with another woman the next day. “Somewhere he scored negative points for me.”

Moments later at the cocktail party, Angie seems to be driving herself crazy. “Don’t touch my leg,” she says jokingly, semi-seriously as she waits for her turn to speak with Thomas. “How unreasonable.” Fears turned out to be unfounded: she received a rose at the party. But only when Meryl actually picked up a red rose…

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