This will be the price of Bitcoin during the next halving

This will be the price of Bitcoin during the next halving

Dutch analyst PlanB has been known for years in the crypto community for it stock to flow (S2F) model. In the past, this model has proven to be able to predict a trajectory bitcoin (BTC) for prediction. Recently, PlanB made another bitcoin price prediction on Twitter.

PlanB makes another prediction

Much has been said about the S2F in recent years, with the model initially gaining popularity due to bullish price predictions. Many other people criticize him precisely for unfulfilled expectations. In the first few years, the S2F model has proven itself adequate time after time. However, since the bear market, it hasn’t even come close to expectations, including reaching the magic milestone of at least $100,000.

An important aspect of the S2F model is the so-called half events. This halving occurs approximately every four years and this effectively means that the reward for bitcoin miners is halved. In practical terms, this means that the number of new bitcoins that will be in circulation will decrease by 50%. According to the law of supply and demand, the Bitcoin rate It’s clearly for the best, and PlanB’s S2F model weighs in on this.

Another halving is on the agenda next year, and many investors see it as a momentous moment.

Bitcoin halving

PlanB indicated on Twitter that it expects that during the next year’s halving, the price of bitcoin will again scribble. It will not reach the high prices its model predicted several years ago, but according to PlanB, bitcoin will hover around $60,000.

PlanB also addressed Metcalfe’s Law, which states that the financial value or financial impact of a network is proportional to the number of connected and active users.

Of course those projections remain, and PlanB doesn’t have a crystal ball either. Time will tell if PlanB and its models are right again. At least many bitcoin investors hope so.

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