This way you can WhatsApp with unsaved numbers

This way you can WhatsApp with unsaved numbers

WhatsApp makes it easy to start a conversation with a number that is not in your contact list. Read here how it works.

Read on after the announcement.

Whatsapp with unsaved numbers

WhatsApp is the most popular chat app in the Netherlands, but strangely enough, it was always cumbersome to chat with someone who wasn’t in your contact list. If you wanted to send an application to a “stranger” number 06, you first had to put it on your phone, after which the contact appeared in WhatsApp.

This is changing now, as WhatsApp makes chatting with unsaved numbers much easier. You can simply start a conversation by entering the numbers into WhatsApp, after which a new “Chat” button will appear. This is how it works:

  1. open WhatsApp and tap the green button at the bottom right to start a new chat;
  2. tap on the magnifying glass at the top (search function);
  3. Now type 06 for the person you want to chat with. Click the “Chat” button to start the conversation.

That was it! So it’s very easy to text someone from now on without necessarily having to save their number in your phone. This way you will also keep your contact list organized. The new feature is gradually being rolled out to everyone, so it may take some time for it to appear.

More new WhatsApp features

Many features have been added to WhatsApp recently. For example, it has recently become possible to silence unknown callers, so that you are not disturbed unnecessarily. You can also send images in high quality using WhatsApp. Previously, your images were compressed by the chat application, which resulted in a loss of quality.

Furthermore, it is now possible to edit sent messages; Perfect when you make a spelling mistake or want to say something else. What is really useful is that now you can transfer WhatsApp chats to a new smartphone more easily, which saves a lot of time.

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