This was the hour in The Masked Singer!

This was the hour in The Masked Singer!

New Year Special Masked Singer New Year’s Eve Special It was, of course, the best party to start the new year with. In the first episode of masked singer We said goodbye of fireworks in a of champagne. The Fireworks was quickly recognized, but the identity of the bubble bottle came as a real shock to many viewers.

But who was it at that hour anyway? The selection of the committee was hilarious, because the ladies couldn’t be more different. Carlo Bouchard and Loretta Shriver were sure that it was Quente Trustfull, Francis van Bruckhuijsen and Gerard Juling they thought of introducing Olga Commander or Dion de Graaf.

The second part of Masked Singer New Year’s Eve Special More names came. Francis thought Barbara Barend, but the committee also named presenters Mariki Elsinga and Fatima Moreira de Mello or skater Erin West.

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Of course it was Quinte, she had another emotional moment with Loretta, who was pretty sure it was her.

This is what happens to all those awesome suits when the season is over!

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