It’s raining tons in Brabant, Gemmert’s first money bag

Naar de bank en pinnen maar (foto: Pexels/ Pxabay).

Residents of Den Elding in Gemert who play the Postcode lottery can look forward to some nice extra pocket money in their bank account. A ton drops over sixty zip codes on New Year’s Day, and this distributing party has begun at Gemert in Brabant. Champagne can also be opened later in the day elsewhere in Brabant.

The first ton that ended in Brabant fell on zip code 5421 MD. It belongs to Den Elding Street. The house numbers there range from 2 to 88. It is not known how many residents actually play.

A couple of months ago, the stars were also favorable for Postcode lottery players from the same village, for participants with the zip code 5422 AZ to be exact. Until then, it wasn’t about an amount with which you could stop working immediately, but a new car or a luxury vacation was included for the eleven winners who were allowed to split €350,000 together.

Later in the day, the lucky ones elsewhere in Brabant were also lucky. In the following places, people who played together were allowed to share a ton.

– 5658 AW (Eindhoven)

– 5063 AL (Oisterwijk)

– 4634 TP (Woensdrecht)

– 5712 Egyptian pounds (Sumerian)

– 5216 BX (Den Bosch)

– 4761 AA (Sevenbergen)

– 5481 VD (Schijndel)

– 4872 LJ (Etten-Leur)

– 4819 hectares (Breda)

– 5629 MP (PSV)

– 5171 AZ (Kaatsheuvel)

– 5505 ND (Veldhoven)

– 5582 CG (Waller)

– 5463 HL (Veghel)

– 5246 PD (Rosmalin)

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