This movie has been voted the scariest movie ever

This movie has been voted the scariest movie ever

What is the scariest horror movie ever? The answer can of course vary from person to person, but that doesn’t change the fact that the people behind the broadband choices have been looking for which movie to come first for several years.

Also this year, Broad Band Choices, a British company that compares internet service providers, published a list of the scariest movies and once again the movie is Host On the top. 2020 movie directed by Rob Savage.

But how does the party determine the list? This is based on the average BPM, heart rate of the viewers. Host The average heart rate scored 88 versus the resting heart rate of 64.

By the way, “the scariest movies”
Here’s an overview of the 10 highest-rated movies in our top 30 broadband selections, including average heart rate and highest heart rate.

1. Host (88, 130) – Winner 2021, 2022
2. evil (86, 130) – 2020 Winner
3. vile (85, 133)
4. Sorcery (84, 132)
5. hereditary (82, 104)
6. aghast (82, 122)
7. Follow (81, 96)
8. DASHCAM (81, 112) – new
9. A Quiet Place Part 2 (80, 123)
10. supernatural activity (80, 115)

More information about the menu can be found on the website of broadband options.

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