Ross Spent 400 Euros On Filler, But Was Not Happy With The Result: “No More Bolognese On My Body” | Money Labers

Ross Spent 400 Euros On Filler, But Was Not Happy With The Result: "No More Bolognese On My Body" |  Money Labers

Money LabersEveryone makes a mistake with sometimes small or big financial consequences. In this series people talk about money laundering. This week’s Roos (50) from Castricum, who spent 400 euros on padding to look younger, but achieved the opposite result.

Do you consider yourself in vain?
“What’s messing up? I don’t spend much on my looks. I brush my hair myself, I wear Hema mascara and powder, my shampoo comes from the supermarket, and I clean it with table salt and body lotion is the same oil I use to bake pancakes.”

Why suddenly 400 euros for stuffing?
“The years are getting bigger. The loss of volume in my face made me look old.”

Everyone grows up, don’t you want to give in to that?
I started getting upset when I looked in the mirror and thought; There are people who spend a lot of money on creams, makeup and expensive clothes. not me. Why don’t I prettier my face for what others spend? So I searched online for the best cosmetic clinic to get it right. For me 400 euros is too much, but I found out that you do not get the best result for less money and this is about your face. “

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Were you nervous before the operation?
,,Little. But interference is a big word. It was a syringe that was put on two points on my face with a filler. It didn’t even hurt. The doctor and I discussed it very well and I showed a picture a few years ago asking if he could return the same volume. His answer was, “Sure.”

but not?
, the doctor himself was so satisfied with the result that I did not take my doubts seriously when he held me a mirror. I thought once at home: What did you do?! “

How is that?
“As my naturally angled cheekbones suddenly became round, my eyes looked deeper, looked smaller than usual and suddenly I had an apple cheek as I smiled. As if I gave someone else’s face.”


And suddenly my daughter stared at me and said: “Mom, you have a round head!”

rose (50)

What do those around you think of your “new look”?
“I didn’t tell anyone about it. I don’t know if anyone saw anything, but no one said anything, except for my daughter who suddenly stared at me and said: Mom, you have a round head!”

Did you go back to the doctor?
I dared because he told me he could take her out again. So I called him the next day and asked if he wanted to do it. “The end result will only be visible in a few weeks, and now it’s still prime,” he said.

But you remain unsatisfied?
I got less greasy, but those cheeks and apples stayed smaller. I really think I look older. It may be in my head, but I’ve never been addressed as ‘you’ like it has since those fillers.”


In fact, I have nothing to complain about my natural appearance. This lesson cost me 400 euros

rose (50)

Did you finally get it out?
,,number. I decided to leave it in place because after a year those fillers would be gone on their own, and dissolved. And I don’t dare take any more risks.”

Have you tried getting your money back yet?
,, It was not the doctor’s fault that he did not give me bad information, the result is not ugly, but I feel older than before. I achieved the opposite effect of what I intended.”

What did you learn from that?
I have nothing to complain about my natural appearance. This lesson cost me 400 euros. I can’t wait to get my “normal” face back. No more bolognese on my body.”

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