This is the second TV Gold Ring ranking

This is the second TV Gold Ring ranking

Which shows have received the most votes so far? Are they coming: B&B full of love (RTL4), Orange summer (SBS6), thirty (Banfara), Kees van der Spek: Dealing with scammers (RTL5), Mokro mafia (Video Land), It can’t be small (Benfara) and eyeballs (Benfara).

Things will also be interesting in the “TV Episode Actor” category. Actors Angela Schiff, Bertree Wieringa, Hope Stapel, Kim van Kooten, Malu Gorter, Nasreddine Dashar and Robert de Hoog are in the lead.

In the category of presenters, men in particular come to the fore. Most votes so far have gone to Andre van Duijn, Bo van Erveen Doorens, Helen Hendrix, Jeroen Wu and Niels van der Laan (as a duo), Kees van der Spek, Raven van Dorst and Tim Hoffman.

Compete in the online video series monica geos – vlog, number – Tour of BinnenhofNPO3 – FOMO showthe police – Police 24/7police vlogger Jan Willem – Police video blogRay Hoffman – Responding to first dates And Stock TV – Licorice For the first three.

The 58th Golden Televizier-Ring ceremony will be held on Thursday, October 12. And you can still vote! Want to give your favorites a boost? Then press here.

The presentation is in the hands of Jan Smit and Peter Pannekoek. You can learn more about this in the video below.

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