This is how you send sharp images on WhatsApp

This is how you send sharp images on WhatsApp

Anyone who shares photos with friends or family via WhatsApp knows that the quality of photos degrades dramatically. In this tip we show you a trick to prevent quality loss.

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Overcome stress with this WhatsApp tip

You might recognize it: You receive a photo of someone on WhatsApp, but the photo looks grainy and the quality is downright mediocre. This is due to the pressure applied by the chat application. Simply put less The WhatsApp Image quality, so that the cost of data transmission is reduced.

As a WhatsApp user, you can choose between different quality settings: from Data Saver at lowest quality to Best quality at – you guessed it – at best quality. But, even this last option still applies pressure to your image. With this tip, you can bypass the pressure and send super clear images directly through WhatsApp.

Send a file 1

Tip: Send images on WhatsApp without compression

  1. Open WhatsApp on you smart phone;
  2. Go to the conversation in which you want to send pictures;
  3. Click on the paperclip and select “Document”;
  4. Select the photos you want to send and hit send.

    WhatsApp does not apply compression to these images now.

So the trick is to send a file. Since this can be almost any file type, WhatsApp does not apply any compression to it.

Disadvantages of sharing images via files

If you are using this method to send sharp images via WhatsApp, you will have to sacrifice some functionality. This way you won’t see the images appear in the app itself. In WhatsApp, you only see a file. To see the images, you must first download them yourself.

There is also a limit of 100MB per file. If you also prefer to send videos without compression, you should be below this limit. On WhatsApp Web, the limit is 64MB. Fortunately, with pictures you can’t easily reach those sizes.

send file 3
Left: Original quality | Right: quality after compression

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