This is how you send blank messages to your friends

This is how you send blank messages to your friends

If you love to play lame jokes, now there is one that you can do via WhatsApp. Send blank messages to your friends and convince them that you wrote a text. Then you can reveal to them your magic, or not.

Empty WhatsApp apps

Maybe you already have it in The WhatsApp I tried, but there is no standard way to send empty messages. If you press Enter multiple times, the Submit button will not appear.

In this article, we will explain how to trick your friends with a hand trick. free Blank message for WhatsAppThe app is only good for one thing: sending blank messages. And you make it as long as you want. If your friends receive such a blank message and ask a question about it, just say, “Didn’t you see my app, is something wrong with your phone?” Of course, you can make it better by telling them ahead of time that you want to tell them a secret.

This is how you fool your friends

Blank Message for WhatsApp in a very simple app with no ads and you will be up and running in no time. We explain step by step how to fool your friends with an empty message:

  1. Open a blank message for WhatsApp In Play Store and busy to install
  2. then choose To open
  3. up to Number of empty characters Enter the required number of characters for the blank message.
  4. Journalism send
  5. Select a WhatsApp conversation and press button with arrow
  6. Click on send button

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Reveal your tricks

After the above steps, your friend will immediately receive the blank application. Of course not everyone can laugh at jokes (like these gimp) and therefore it is better not to deceive your friends for too long. Before you know it, they unnecessarily brought in their phones to get it fixed.

As a magician, you’d better reveal your tricks, and you can do that thanks to the Blank Message for WhatsApp app. Check option: Write the application link at the end of a blank message. If you then submit a blank app, you can share the link to the app right away. This way, your friends would immediately know what kind of magic they were dealing with.

Have you ever played a harmless prank on WhatsApp? How it works? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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Blank Message for WhatsApp: WhatsBlank

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