This highly received movie on Netflix is ​​now attracting a lot of viewers

This highly received movie on Netflix is ​​now attracting a lot of viewers

Films about slavery and the human suffering that accompanied it came in many forms. The terrible self-imposed situation of humanity at that time is increasingly being portrayed in different ways.

The action-thriller Harriet highlights the situation of a heroine against oppressors and is now doing well with viewers on Netflix.

The main role in the biographical film of actress Cynthia Erivo and the direction was in the hands of Casey Lemons. The film has been described by Netflix as “copious” And “inspiring” And the movie has been in Netflix’s Top 10 list for a while now, and it’s now at number seven.

good reception
On Rotten Tomatoes, the Tomatometer has a perfect score of 74 percent after 235 reviews. The audience score is 97 percent.

“Harriet serves as a heartfelt tribute to a pivotal figure in American history, though undercut by his frustrated approach,” According to the critics consensus on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now on Netflix
Do you want Harriet You like to see, then you will find the movie Now here on Netflix.

In the 19th century, Harriet Tubman wanted to abolish slavery. She herself was also a slave for a long time, but in 1849 she managed to escape. Then she sets out on a mission to help countless fellow Southern sufferers escape via the so-called smuggling routes, also known as the Underground Railroad.

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