This famous champagne bottle was in the hooded singer

This famous champagne bottle was in the hooded singer

After the success of the previous Masked Singer New Year’s Eve Special A second edition was a must! Many people enjoyed singing the snowman, the Christmas tree, and the olipole on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, two costumed singers had to immediately withdraw. This celebrity was dressed as De Champagnefles.

The audience and the panel barely knew what to do with the lyrical bottle of champagne. Her singing style and even her voice are not clearly recognized. Names such as Lucia Rijker, Raven van Dorst and Gerda Havertong have appeared, just as Angela Groothuizen has.

In the end, everyone was wrong, because the bottle was completely full of… Leontine Ruiters!

The article continues after the announcement

Nobody saw it coming! Online viewers were somewhat surprised anyway. Did you do… Womanizer Britney Spears sang on purpose?

Conclusion Fan The Masked Singer

Earlier in the evening, it became clear who was hiding in Het Vuurwerk! Who will participate as Oliebol, Christmas Tree, Clock and Snowman will be revealed tomorrow evening, when Masked Singer New Year’s Eve Special continuous. The Sing-and-Guessing Contest starts on Saturday evening much earlier than Friday: see final masked singer Already at 20:00 on RTL4.

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