Thijs Römer’s alleged abuse victim reveals: “Katja Schuurman wanted to go with me to SAUNA…”

Thijs Römer's alleged abuse victim reveals: "Katja Schuurman wanted to go with me to SAUNA..."

Three women reported sexual assaults to This Romer. According to one of these women, Nina Kruzinga, who was then fourteen years old, Thijs committed sexual assault and extortion against her. Thijs could have incited her six years ago to send inappropriate videos and audio messages in exchange for her role in the crime series RTL Moordvrouw.

unstable impression

Nina tells this week’s story that Katja Schuurmann called her up via FaceTime. Chat conversation is also done on Instagram. According to Nina, Katya made an uneasy impression. “She appeared drunk and confused. Bottles of wine appeared all over the screen. One minute she was crying, the next minute she was so happy again. Katya also said that she was very angry with Thess, that she didn’t call him anymore. Believe me Katya. She told me I should take their daughter Sami into consideration. This was also what I found the worst of my ad. I felt awful for their daughter. But the police also said, ‘There’s nothing you can do about it.’ I too have a heart, I feel bad for that kid. Katya said: “She goes to high school, but because of everything that happened she can’t make friends. She also invited me to her house. She wanted to rest with me in the sauna. Very strange.”

Find contacts

After FaceTime, Katya continued calling Nina. Katya sent a text at night: I hug you. The next day: I hope you slept well, Nina. Dan: I hope you wake up with a light mind. I can imagine we shouldn’t have had much contact regarding the whole legal story. But know that you can contact me if you need to. Love Katya. W: I hope you can focus on all the things in life that make life beautiful and worthwhile. This kind of thing. Katya kept texting me for a few days in a row, after which I never heard from her again. A lawyer contacted Katya’s management after the FaceTime conversation. She is no longer allowed to contact me. Maybe it had something to do with it.

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