“The Netherlands has become one of the most corrupt countries in the world under the leadership of the cartel”

"The Netherlands has become one of the most corrupt countries in the world under the leadership of the cartel"

Ernst Kuipers (D66) became Minister of Health because many people in the Netherlands believed he a) knew his work, b) was impartial and objective, and c) could be trusted. New FTM research shows that the former may be true, but these points b) and c) are complete nonsense.

“Against all rules of transparency, and in contravention of the law: these are the contracts that Erasmus MC has with major suppliers of medical devices,” Let FTM know In a report on the investigation. “Companies treated doctors on expensive trips abroad.”

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That’s bad enough, but wait, it gets worse. Under the soulless leadership of Ernst Kuipers, Erasmus MC allowed “clauses in which companies determine the extent of their influence”. on scientific publicationsOne of the people involved says very clearly about this: ‘It’s as if the industry is buying it.’

as if? as if? number, Nothing “as if”. This is it: You are buying by the industry. a point. Enough.

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The examples the FTM cites are just shocking. You are really talking about very fancy “doctors”. And then also a lot of money for a twenty-minute “talk” to a group of “employees” of the company that organizes the candy trips. By the way, those twenty minutes “include questions”. Which means it was a story about nothing for ten minutes.

The FTM has obtained several documents showing that doctors or Erasmus MC itself were paid by large companies “to give lectures, participate in advisory boards, or conduct medical scientific research”. In doing so, the rules necessary – to ensure that doctors are not unfairly affected by the companies involved – have been completely ignored.

And yes, it happened under Voldemort. Sorry, Ernst Kuipers. Not just “in name only”. He was often involved in person and his signature under agreements/deals can be seen.

Professor of Health Law, Martin Puigsen, looked at the documents and concluded that the actions of Erasmus and her doctors were completely illegal.

The most laughable thing about all of this is that Kuipers now, as a minister, advocates “transparency”. Oh yeah, hospitals and doctors really have to comply with the rules, he suddenly thinks.

The FTM concludes that “as a hospital administrator, Kuipers ignored the rules of transparency”.

The best possible response to this distorted news comes from FVD Member of Parliament Pepijn van Houwelingen. He concludes: “Under the leadership of the cartel, the Netherlands has become one of the most corrupt countries in the world.”

= https://twitter.com/PvanHouweningen/status/1588937944659726336 “data-service=”twitter”>

Unfortunately, there’s really nothing to add to that.

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