These programs have a chance to win a Golden Televizier Ring

These programs have a chance to win a Golden Televizier Ring

B&B full of love

How could it be different? Dating show B&B full of love This summer many viewers will enjoy the love affairs of Debbie, Bram, Petrie, Walter, Marianne, Lindert, Martjen and Joey. From “spirituality” to the twisted laurel tree. And not just during the episode, but after it as well B&B full of love The program remains highly debated due to the love affairs of the B&B owners. It is no coincidence that the program has a chance to win the Golden Televizier Ring.

Orange summer

also Orange summer It caused quite a stir last summer. It is an alternative to Big Brother Today inside The only talk show on Dutch television for more than a month. While Johan Dirksen, Rene van der Gijp and Wilfried Jenny enjoy their well-deserved break, Helen Hendricks – who is also nominated in the presenter category – comes with a light talk show on SBS. Every day she and her guests produce a controversial program that entertains and educates many viewers.


New season of Eyeballs It’s just getting started and the drama series immediately has something to celebrate with a Golden Televizier Ring Award nomination. In the series we follow families with teenagers, each of whom has his own problems. Eyeballs He knows how to touch the viewer with recognizable events from each person’s life.

The Golden Televizier Ring will be presented on October 12 during the Golden Televizier Ring Ceremony.

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