These are the five fashion trends for fall/winter 2023

These are the five fashion trends for fall/winter 2023

Curious about fall/winter 2023 fashion trends? Although we when we talk Preparing for a long and warm summer, fashion houses are already busy putting together our fall wardrobes. what I say? Fashion trends (and fashion colors for that matter) have been set for a long time! What is the new fashion for fall 2023? JAN Scholarships has mined and collected the most wearable trends for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Including the most beautiful items that you can actually put in your digital basket.

The five wearable fashion trends for fall-winter 2023

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As for the fall-winter 2023 fashion trends, we see a lot Business looks during informal moments. Think: a tracksuit while drinking coffee with a friend. But tuxedos, pinstripes, and ties are allowed “even”—if we’re to believe the Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent collections, for example.

Mango/pink jacket with button

For some, a gift from heaven: We’re embracing the “back-to-basics” fashion mantra this fall. How did this end? In plain and simple wearable clothes. Think a perfect (white) tank top with baggy jeans and a pair of New Balance sneakers. Looks like you don’t need more fashion trends For the winter of 2023/2024.

And Other Stories / Linen-blend jersey T-shirt

Sézane / Eglantine blouse

Bigger is better. When it comes to ear accessories, you can go all out this fall. From oversized rings to chunky “earcuffs”: many celebs, including Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid, and Blake Lively (but also Maxima!), have preceded you with XXL earrings. Super cute with a “back to basics” look as a fashion statement.

lot. gioielli earrings / gold plated

Functional and Fashionable: That’s what we love about JAN. The hood will return in the fall and winter of 2023, which means we won’t have to get wet anymore. In addition to a hood built into your jacket and/or jacket, we’ve also seen plenty Hooded dresses passes by. In other words: hoodies.

Arquette / Hooded Sweatshirt Dress

89.00 euros

53.00 SAR (40% off)

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