There is no way of ownership in this holiday country, but it is organized in a special way | Car

There is no way of ownership in this holiday country, but it is organized in a special way |  Car

Anyone going on vacation to America can’t do without a rental car, unless you’re going into the city. Giving way at equal intersections is very different than here.

America is one of the most popular foreign vacation destinations. Many Dutch people book a tour of cities and national parks with or without a rental car Manager. Traffic rules are similar to those in Europe, but there are some exceptions. For example, turning right at a red traffic light is permitted, unless there is a sign that clearly prohibits it. Then you will see a sign saying ‘No right turn on red‘. You must of course take into account traffic from other directions, which will have a green light, and therefore priority.

75 miles per hour

You can drive faster in most places in the US than in the Netherlands, as the speed limit in many places is 75 miles per hour. A mile is 1.6 km/h, so you can drive at 120 km/h. You can also overtake on the right. Most Americans drive by the theory of ‘Keep your lane‘, i.e. they stick to their lane without turning right after being overtaken. Trucks are allowed to drive at a speed of 110 km/h, so don’t be alarmed if ten-ton trucks with roaring engines often overtake you.

In cities, if you see that you cannot cross an intersection with a green light without stopping in the middle of the intersection, you should consider stopping at the stop line. This is strictly prohibited in the US because traffic must continue. In many American cities, at intersections with traffic lights, there is a sign that reads, ‘Blocking box: $1000 fine‘. This is a huge fine (more than 900 euros) for blocking the intersection.

Stop signs

Unlike the Netherlands, right-hand traffic does not have priority in the United States. Differently, with equal intersections, it’s about who stops first at the intersection in question. Whoever stops first gets to drive first. If two drivers stop more or less simultaneously at such an intersection, the driver from the right must give way. If two oncoming drivers stop at such an intersection at the same time, the turning driver must yield to the driver going straight ahead.

No international driving license required

Americans also stop at stop signs when no one is in the area. It’s best to do that because intersections with stop signs are a favorite spot for American police officers.

You can use carpool routes in and around major cities. These are marked by a vibert above the road, as in France and other countries. If you are in a car with two people, in many cases you are already allowed. This saves a lot of traffic and time in big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. An international driver’s license is not required to drive in the US on holidays.

For an overview of all traffic laws in the United States, see here Here In ANWB.

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