Belgian King Albert (89) was taken to hospital | Displays

Belgian King Albert (89) was taken to hospital |  Displays

Belgian King Albert, 89, was taken to hospital on Tuesday morning. This confirms the palace latest news. King Philip’s father is showing signs of dehydration and was reported to be ill on Tuesday morning.

That’s why he was taken to the hospital as a precaution, apparently. The King is conscious and is currently being examined. King Albert and his wife, Queen Paola, resided in Laeken at their official residence, Belvedere Castle. From there he was taken to the hospital.

The king, who is now 89 years old, has had health problems for years. He is sick with a heart and therefore had to undergo surgery in 2000. He also battled skin cancer, so several suspicious spots were removed from his skin.

He’s still king

King Albert was King of Belgium between 1993 and 2013. His ailing health was one of the reasons for his abdication, says Flemish royal expert Wim Dehandschetter. He was succeeded by his son Philip. Albert was then allowed to keep his title after his retirement, contrary to the practice in the Netherlands. Philip is the only head of state. Queens also keep their titles. So in Belgium there are two: in addition to Queen Paola, also Philip’s wife, Queen Mathilde.

Albert has largely withdrawn from public life. He made a public appearance at a music event earlier this month, but the time before that was this past February. Then he attended the annual Eucharist in Laeken with the whole family. Then the king walked with a stick.

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Albert and Paula have three children: in addition to Philip, also Princess Astrid and Prince Laurent. Albert also has an illegitimate daughter, Delphine, whom he admitted in 2020. She has since been allowed to call herself a princess.

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