The winner is the kangaroo that plays the air guitar

The winner is the kangaroo that plays the air guitar

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A kangaroo playing an air guitar has won awards for comedy wildlife photography. This year’s finalists include a photo of birds resolving a dispute, an otter dancing a ballet, and an owl with a Monday blues tune.

Dozens of animal photos and their creators participated in the funniest wild animal photo competition this year. And the winner is this one: a kangaroo in Australia dutifully playing the air guitar:

Ru air guitar

Jason Moore took the photo on the outskirts of the Australian city of Perth. He told the organization: “I went out to photograph a lake in the morning light. But it was a disappointing morning.” He then decided to walk along the open grasslands, where kangaroos often bask in the sun. “I ended up taking about 40 or 50 pictures of kangaroos, including this one.”

Appreciation of nature

the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Created in 2015 by nature photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sollam. Joyson Hicks was living in Tanzania at the time and regularly took photos of the animals, which made him laugh out loud. So Joynson-Hicks and Solam came up with a new competition for a different kind of nature photo.

The competition isn’t just meant to be funny. Through their initiative, the founders want to make people aware of nature and its importance. But in a positive way. They believe that most images are negative and depressing. They try to increase your appreciation for nature with funny pictures that you would like to see and in which animals have almost human characteristics.

Photographers, professionals and amateurs from all over the world are now participating in the competition. Over 5,000 photos were received this year. Below is a selection of honorees and subcategory winners.

  • Brian Matthews/Wildlife Comedy 2023

    Don’t look down
  • Dakota Vaccaro/Wildlife Comedy 2023

    Fox with cigar
  • Delphine Casimir/Wildlife Comedy 2023

    The rainforest is amazing
  • Jacek Stankiewicz / Wildlife Comedy 2023

    He disputes
  • John Blumenkamp/Wildlife Comedy 2023

    Monday blah
  • Lara Matthews/Wildlife Comedy 2023

  • Outer Quik/Wildlife Comedy 2023

    Otter ballerina
  • Patrick Mondal/Wildlife Comedy 2023

    Looks right bro
  • Tsahi Finkelstein/Wildlife Comedy 2023

    Happy turtle
  • Wendy Kaveney/Wildlife Comedy 2023

    That wasn’t here yesterday

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