Fences surrounding riding school have been removed, estate agent ‘regrets the uproar’

Fences surrounding riding school have been removed, estate agent 'regrets the uproar'

Fences placed by estate agent Midvast around a property in Nieuw-West last week were removed today. Mandy Van Droneke, owner of the riding school, was extremely relieved when she heard the good news. “I went out to see it with my own eyes. I immediately thought: I can make the children, and my ponies, happy again!” she told AT5.


Van Drunick has lived in Akerslaus, N.W., for 32 years, where she runs a riding school. I was surprised last Thursday when real estate developer Midvast installed fences surrounding the entire site.

Mandy’s Pony Fun is owned by Midvast. The property developer wants to build on the land and has been in discussions with a riding school to take over this site as well. But that conversation went wrong. Van Drunick believed the offer was not very realistic. Therefore the sale did not take place. To the surprise of everyone at the riding school, Medfast installed dozens of fences around the entire site.

Midvast AT5 has reported that fences have been installed in preparation for the renovation, but this is unbelievable according to the Van Drunick family. “It feels like bullying.”


As a result, her twelve ponies are no longer able to go to the riding arena to run freely, and Mandy’s lessons can no longer be given to around a hundred children aged between 6 and 12. “It’s been a week of survival, and I’ve noticed there’s some tension,” she says. “It’s also had a big impact on the children who come here for lessons.”

“Ultimately, Midvast wants to do great things, but in good harmony.”

Medfast – Real Estate Developer

Midvast now states the fences can be removed “temporarily”, as regeneration of the site will not begin at this time. The dismantling process began around eight in the morning. “There are still some columns left now for a small piece of land,” says Mandy. “If all goes well, they will remove them completely.” This makes a big difference, also for the participants. For example, people who ride at the riding school actually started a petition last weekend.

Drawings made by equestrian school students and hung on fences – AT5

Medfast said in the statement that the company “strives to implement all projects in close consultation and harmony with all stakeholders.” The estate agent wrote: “We are deeply sorry for the uproar caused after the installation of the fence around our plot of land in the Akerslaus area of ​​New West.”

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The fences will be back when construction begins on the Medfast site. But then they will first go to the riding school for consultation. “Midvast wants to have a good relationship with local residents, tenants and the municipality. They also want to talk to their neighbors.”

Full statement from Medfast:

“Midvast strives to realize all its projects in good consultation and harmony with all stakeholders. Our aim is to achieve a positive impact, where a good relationship with municipalities and local residents is essential.

We therefore deeply regret the uproar that arose after the installation of the fence around our plot of land in the Akerslaus area of ​​Amsterdam Neu West.

Since we do not expect to begin construction activities before the end of 2023, we decided to temporarily remove this fence this morning. We would like to reiterate that the riding school and cheese shop have been accessible throughout this time and all activities there have been able to continue as normal.”

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