The wild evening ends with Daisy’s party hangover at a love-filled bed and breakfast: “Time to go, time to go”

The wild evening ends with Daisy's party hangover at a love-filled bed and breakfast: "Time to go, time to go"

Everyone at Hans’s B&B in France wakes up with a hangover. They all had so much fun in the evening that they were walking around like zombies the next morning. “It was so much fun, but it’s getting late again,” Daisy says.

Newcomer Anne Marie doesn’t really know what she’s going through. The morning is very messy. “What’s the plan?” Hans asks. “I have surprises today,” he says. “A nice surprise and a less pleasant surprise.”

This less pleasant surprise is mainly for Daisy. “Do you have a moment? Would you like to join us?” Hans started her. He does not hide what he wants to say. “There is a time to come and a time to go.”

Hans explains why he let Daisy go. “The place is very comfortable, but maybe too comfortable.” Daisy introduces herself with Hans’ words. “I can’t stand it anymore.” Hans thinks Feisty Daisy will kill him.

Little Hans felt sorry that Hans had thought with his head this time. “Physically I was totally fine with that. Then you got to know each other better and then we both felt it was never going to work out. That’s who I am now. But it’s comforting,” puffs Hans.

Even jealous Petra mourns Daisy’s departure. “The last few days it’s been so nice to her. I also thought it was really sad.” Daisy expects Petra to be the perfect fit for Hans. “You will be. You will be his wife.”

But Petra can’t rest yet, because Anne-Marie is still in bed and breakfast. “Now that there is another serious candidate, I think it might be a competition.” For Hans, the cards were modified. He doesn’t know who his favourite is yet. “I’d like to keep both, but I don’t think that’s possible.”

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Then it was finally time for the pleasant surprise that Hans had promised. They are going for a brisk walk through the beautiful French countryside. Includes a short train ride. And although Hans is almost eligible for a pass for seniors at the age of 60, he doesn’t really like such a train. “This is actually for the elderly, that’s how I always look at it. It was my first and last time.”

At least this wasn’t the last episode of b & with love. On every working day you can watch the dating show at 8.30pm on RTL 4 and in Videoland you look at a week ago.

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