Take-Two postpones Marvel’s Midnight Suns to March 31, 2023 – Games – News

Marvel’s turn-based tactical RPG Marvel’s Midnight Suns from XCOM will not release on October 7, but will be pushed back to “later in the fiscal year.” Publisher Take-Two’s fiscal year ends on March 31. PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions will be released later.

Veraxis writes on twitter The match has been postponed “to make sure we provide the best possible experience for the fans”. The developer wants to improve the game with overtime, although the company does not provide any details about this. According to the developer, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the biggest game they’ve made so far.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns are coming to both current and last generation consoles, but not all consoles will get the game in the current fiscal year. The game will be released for PC, Xbox Series, and PlayStation 5 before March 31. Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are coming “later”.

The game was announced in 2021 and then got another release date which is March 2022. Two months ago, Take-Two announced that this had changed Until October 7. The RPG will have a turn-based battle system that works with cards, with Marvel characters having separate ability cards. The game features several Marvel characters; Players can take three characters with them on each mission. Players create their own character, which is called The Hunter.

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