The voiceover behind Super Mario: That’s how important the voice actor is

The voiceover behind Super Mario: That's how important the voice actor is

The Mamma Mia and Let’s Go song we’ve known for years is going to sound a little different soon. Then they are spoken to in a different voice. It is not yet clear who will be the new voice of Mario.

“Important for viewers”

Krista Lips knows better than anyone the importance of a good, consistent voice actor. Among other things, she has played the voice of Ash Ketchum from Pokémon for 25 seasons. And that ends now because Ash disappears from the series. “The voice is important to the viewers, because it is a familiar sound and as a viewer you want to hear it with the character.”

Lips knows from her own experience that she stopped watching some programs when the main role was played by a different voice. “But you get used to it eventually.” Although, Pokémon didn’t go without a hitch when a few of the sonic threads were replaced. “Then the public rioted.”

It is forbidden

Stefan Holwerda, who is also a voice actor, says that changing voices is something to especially avoid. “You can fool young children, but as they grow older they realize more quickly that the sound is not the same.”

According to him, you are navigating a path with a certain choice of voice, but choosing a different voice is sometimes unavoidable. “It happens that someone emigrates or goes on vacation, and you look for a similar sound.”


But this isn’t always easy, Holwerda says. “Great voices take a lot of work to replace,” he says. “I was frustrated as a kid when a new SpongeBob voice came out.” Dutch SpongeBob is simply SpongeBob to me.

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