Princess Charlene deletes her Instagram account

Princess Charlene deletes her Instagram account

In recent days, there has been a remarkable calm regarding Princess Charlene. Where she used to regularly share her life with her followers, it now appears that she has deleted or deactivated her account entirely. It appears her charity account is still online. On the other hand, her personal account can no longer be traced back.

The rumor mill is starting to spin again, because at the moment it is not clear who deleted the profile and why. Last year, the royal family took over Princess Charlene’s Instagram account. It is unclear whether there will be an acquisition again this time. It also remains to be seen if the princess will return to social media.

After Charlene got injured in 2021, things went well for a while. The big question now was whether she was still in good condition behind the palace doors. Last month, it was noted that Prince Albert’s wife had not appeared in public for some time, while she was expected to appear on various occasions.

Prince Albert also arrived at Wimbledon, but did not appear there with his wife at his side. In the video below, sources say the princess is struggling to make friends:

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