The US judge announced more details about the classified Trump documents

The US judge announced more details about the classified Trump documents


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More has been revealed about US government documents that were found early last month in former President Trump’s Florida villa. The Justice Department released a list showing top-secret documents kept in boxes of clothes and extracts from newspapers and magazines.

Until now, it was not clear what was found during the search for rural accommodation in Mar-a-Lago. The list now published shows that it belongs to 33 boxes and containers containing government documents. Inside those boxes were top-secret documents and several empty folders stating that their contents were (top secret). used to be.

In addition, more than 10,000 non-confidential government documents were found. What is in the documents is not described, but how many are there and how they were kept.

US Department of Justice

Some secret documents found on Trump

The inventory that was disclosed also shows how confidential the documents found are. This relates to 18 “top secret” documents, 54 documents classified as “secret” and 31 classified documents. Top secret documents contain the biggest state secrets in the United States.

48 volumes stating content (top secret) found empty. Another 42 files found should have been returned to the Presidency Secretary or a military aide upon reading them, but that did not happen, according to the list. In this case, these are the documents that the president receives for a briefing, but that a White House staff member bears responsibility for.

Folders with secret (top) content that are found empty are specifically intended to hide the information they contain. Sources say it is often reused for other documents to CNN. So the intelligence services fear that it will be difficult to know if there are documents in the folders, and if so, what those files are.

Additionally, the contents may have ended up in a different box. The US National Archives, which received 15 boxes of files earlier this year, said the documents were mixed with other items or “emptying” in some cases.


Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s villa in Palm Beach

The Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation against Trump over the discovery of the documents. His villa is not a safe place for sensitive state secrets and he may have broken the law in doing so. It is also alleged that Trump tried to thwart the investigation.

Intelligence agencies are now trying to determine whether the damage was caused by the way Trump stored the documents. The Associated Press asked Trump’s lawyers for comment, but they have not responded yet.

After the raid on Trump’s home, many Republicans were outraged. He has also been defended by party members and politicians who have recently cautiously distanced themselves from his political profile. Trump himself keeps talking about the witch hunt and political attack by Democrats.

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