February 5, 2023

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The US is considering supplying arms to retake Crimea

The US is considering supplying arms to retake Crimea

International19 Jan ’23 at 09:25Author of the book: PNR Web Editor

The U.S. is considering sending heavy weapons to Ukraine, which could also come under attack in Crimea. The peninsula has been occupied by Russia since 2014. According to The New York Times, the limit on the supply of arms to Crimea is “softening”.

The newspaper spoke to several U.S. officials who say the White House no longer wants to block the supply of heavy weapons. According to foreign affairs commentator Bernard Hummelberg, this could change the war. ‘With HIMARS missiles you can hit targets 70 kilometers away, but you can load the system with long-range weapons. They can reach a distance of 150 kilometers. It is being discussed now.’

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Hummelberg believes that if America wants to supply weapons, that is also a statement to Russia. “We also have weapons that could easily hit Russia if Russia launched a major attack.” For President Joe Biden’s administration, the move would be “huge,” says a foreign commentator. America is reluctant to offer long-range missiles, just as Germany is reluctant to give up its tanks. This could be a turning point.’

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Meanwhile, Russia is not impressed. For example, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that his country’s victory in Ukraine is inevitable. ‘He can’t say anything else. (…). He added that Russia produces more missiles than the entire West. Earlier this week he already indicated that the entire Donbas region in Ukraine should be captured by March,’ explains Europe correspondent Geert-Jan Hahn. “He’s putting a lot of pressure on it, but I wonder if the timing is right with Russia. We’re sending more and more anti-aircraft planes to Ukraine, more weapons, although they’re not equal. But if Putin wants to accelerate so quickly, he feels that something has to be done if he wants to achieve results. ,’ Han explains.

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Previous attacks on Crimea

Ukraine has already launched attacks on Crimea during the war. So it happened The bridge connecting the peninsula to the Russian mainland was attacked. A Russian air force base was also attacked. Eight fighter jets would have been destroyed by then.

In August 2022, a Russian air base in Crimea was bombed. Eight fighter jets would have been destroyed by then. (Twitter)