The US is coming up with new sanctions on Russia and more aid to Ukraine

The US is coming up with new sanctions on Russia and more aid to Ukraine

US has announced new economic sanctions against Russia. Economic activities affect banking, mining and arms industries. The United States is announcing nearly 1.9 billion euros in additional military aid to Ukraine and a multimillion-dollar package to strengthen Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

Sanctions against Russia target more than 200 individuals, companies and organizations that support testing. The US is going to crack down on individuals or companies trying to evade sanctions. US tariffs on more than 100 metals, minerals and chemicals from Russia are being increased.

Exactly one year after the Russian invasion, President Joe’s government insists Biden Western commitment to helping Ukraine has only grown in the past year. US pledges more drones and munitions in new aid package for Ukraine A third shipment of equipment to strengthen the electric grid should reach Ukraine in early March. In recent months, Russia has continued to launch attacks targeting the Ukrainian power grid.

Big role for America

According to diplomatic expert Robert van de Roer, the US is playing a key role in the war between Russia and Ukraine. “Biden needs to connect the rest of the world,” says Good Morning Netherlands on NPO1. “Medium-sized countries in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.”

Van de Roer: “America is a nation of four powers. Diplomatic, military, political and economic power. A unique combination. Biden should implement it at the same time. That means strong diplomacy is needed. Focusing not only on Europe, but all parts of the world.

Illegal trade to Russia

The new sanctions imposed by the United States apply not only to Russia, but also to countries that provide goods to Russia via orbit. “A country like Armenia suddenly imports a huge amount of goods,” says American expert Willem Post. “It could go to Russia through illegal trade. It is significant that the Russian economy is growing even a little bit. I don’t expect that,” he said.

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By: Steve Osterkamp

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