June 8, 2023

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The US imported the most tomatoes in 2021, followed by Germany

The US imported the most tomatoes in 2021, followed by Germany

Of the 8.328 billion kilograms of tomatoes traded internationally in 2021, the United States bought 1,940 billion kilograms, 23.29% of the total, for 2.461 billion euros and an average price of 1.27 euros per kilogram. Of that, 90.42% came from Mexico (1.754 billion kg). The US bought 166.89 million kg of tomatoes from Canadian suppliers and 10.93 million kg of tomatoes from the Dominican Republic. Horto Info lists statistics.

In second place, Germany bought 725.8 million kg, 8.72% of the total tomato trade. Paid for it
€1.429 billion at an average price of €1.97 per kilo. Germany bought 50.63% from the Netherlands (367.52 million kg), 22.56% from Spain (163.74 million kg), 8.97% from Belgium (65.08 million kg) and 7.06% from Morocco (51.28 million kg).

France ranks third with 513.76 million kg of tomato imports, good for 6.17% of world tomato trade. spent
€690.8 million at an average price of €1.34 per kilo. 357.12 million kg came from Morocco, 87.05 million kg from Spain and 26.47 million kg from Belgium.

The three largest buyers, the US, Germany and France, together account for 38.18% of the world’s total tomato imports.

The fourth largest buyer was Russia 427 million kg (5.13%), Pakistan 404.31 million kg (4.86%), Iraq 350.42 million kg (4.21%), United Kingdom 334.78 million kg (4.02%), Netherlands 243.49 million kg (2.92%), Canada 200.58 million kg (2.41%) and UAE 190.21 million kg (2.28%).

Spain ranks twelfth with imports of 178.16 million kilos worth 156.34 million euros and an average price of 0.88 euros per kilo. It imported 98.4 million kg from Morocco, 37.55 million kg from Portugal, 28.24 million kg from the Netherlands, 10.92 million kg from Belgium and 6.75 million kg from France.

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Source: hortoinfo.es