Inflation has passed, traffic fines have risen dramatically

Inflation has passed, traffic fines have risen dramatically

This increase is four times higher than last year. The amount of fines is related to the average price increase.

Inflation is rising dramatically

This year it is much higher than usual. Inflation has risen dramatically due to the war in Ukraine and EU sanctions against Russia.

Yesilgöz decided to pass this extremely high inflation in many fines. It said it would increase the amounts by 8.6 percent. If the House upholds his intention, the increase will take effect January 1st.

In 2021, the rate of traffic violations increased by 1.6%. This year the increase was 2 percent.

Call behind the wheel: 380€

Yeşilgöz sent a list of proposals on new fines to the Sejm. If it is accepted, then this means, for example, that driving a red traffic light will cost 280 euros. Now this is 250 euros, excluding management costs.

The price of calling behind the wheel will increase from 350 to 380 euros. Anyone who submits an app on a bike will soon risk a fine of €150, which is currently €140.

The Ministry: It is not unfair

The Ministry of Justice and Security says it does not see it as unfair to raise prices when life is already so expensive. “As long as you follow the rules, you don’t have to incur the costs,” a spokeswoman said.

Leaving the fines as they were would also mean, given today’s high inflation, that they would “actually get cheaper” compared to the normal cost of living. However, it was decided not to allow some fines of more than 450 euros. Then, they are subject to the Criminal Code, rather than the Traffic Regulations Act for Administrative Law Enforcement – also known as Mulder’s Law.

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