The urgent need for money in youth care and disabled care Economy

The urgent need for money in youth care and disabled care  Economy
Many healthcare organizations face financial difficulties and end up in the red. Youth care and disability care, among other things, are often in financial need. It became clear on Monday that there are also many problems in elderly care.

In het kort

  • Veel zorginstellingen hebben geldproblemen, vooral jeugdzorg en gehandicaptenzorg.
  • Aantal instellingen dat verlies maakte is in 2022 verdubbeld.
  • Hoog verzuim en stijgende kosten zijn grootste problemen.

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Consulting and accounting firm EY examined nearly eight hundred annual reports from health care providers. They discovered that the number of institutions that incurred losses last year doubled compared to the previous year.

Organizations suffer from high rates of absenteeism and high costs, including staff costs. In addition, institutions received compensation from the government in 2021 due to the Corona pandemic. That revenue largely disappeared last year.

According to the researchers, nearly a third of the institutions surveyed will have posted a loss in 2022. The problems are not as bad at hospitals, rehabilitation centers and independent treatment centers. Many youth and long-term care facilities are increasingly short of funds.

EY expects this year’s numbers to be worse than last year. “The movement we are seeing in 2022 is radical and does not bode well for 2023.”

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