February 4, 2023

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The United States has long held the Dutch people hostage

The United States has long held the Dutch people hostage

If you are planning a road trip via the United States or a city trip to New York City, you need patience. The United States is currently closed to tourists from the Netherlands and other Schengen countries. Due to the delta variation, the United States does not want to relax the rules for tourists coming from the Schengen area.

European countries have demanded the easing of restrictions and the reopening of US passenger borders in June, subject to conditions. Merkel asked about it when she went to Biden. Other Schengen countries also increased pressure (…). This is very bad news for tourists coming from the Netherlands, press airlines and hotels in the US that international tourists need, ‘says US correspondent John Postma.

The Dutch people are trapped in the United States

In addition, it is also problematic for Dutch people living in the United States, but not called an American passport or ‘green card’. ‘If they only have a visa, they too are more or less stuck. You can leave the United States, but you will never enter the country again. According to Postma, if you spend two weeks in a third country, it is a non-Schengen country. Travel restrictions apply until at least August 21.

“But they are not very confident in how they said it,” the U.S. reporter asked. ‘The delta variation depends on how it develops. This variation is widespread in the United States as well. Especially in areas where people do not feel like being vaccinated. It is mainly found in South and Central America. That is why the country wants to see how it develops and keep it under control before allowing international audiences back.

Americans to Europe

However, according to Postma, Americans are allowed to travel to Europe, but Europeans are not allowed to travel to the United States. They go on vacation to Greece, France and all the beautiful places. It does not matter if they are vaccinated or not. But America does not want it any other way. According to Postma, a ‘Flash Fire’ man from Florida is allowed to fly across the United States.

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