Seriously ill vacationers will be compensated after four years | Money

Seriously ill vacationers will be compensated after four years |  Money

The man took out travel insurance for his trip in 2017 and fell seriously ill in Thailand. According to the doctors, he cannot return to the Netherlands. Due to the extended stay, your benefits company, a power of attorney, has been retroactively terminated from Allianz Travel Insurance.

The maximum travel insurance coverage period was 180 days. That’s why, according to your benefits, insurance no longer offers coverage from November 2017. Travel insurance aims, among other things, to offset urgent and unexpected medical costs during a vacation abroad, as long as they’re not covered by the health insurance company.


Caved believes that, because a man may prove ill within 180 days after starting the trip, the travel insurance company should continue to reimburse health care costs. Subject to the terms and conditions, the insurance will continue to provide coverage “until the insured person’s first possible return.” The fact that the man has not been able to return to the Netherlands for years does not change that. “Consumers are entitled to recover costs claimed but not yet claimed as long as they fall under the insurance contract,” says Kifid.

The man is claiming more than 150,000 euros for unpaid medical costs, housing costs and daily assistance costs at home. According to Kifid, the insurance company must now process the consumer’s claim and reimburse the claimed and yet unclaimed costs in accordance with the terms of the insurance.

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