The United States expects many vaccinated international travelers Abroad

The United States expects many vaccinated international travelers  Abroad

United Airlines, for example, expects the number of overseas passengers to be 50 percent higher on Monday compared to last Monday, when there were about 20,000. Delta Airlines says international bookings have increased by 450 percent since travel restrictions ended six weeks ago. The airline has predicted long queues for travelers to the United States.

Many international flights are expected to close or fully fly on Monday, with more passengers expected in the coming weeks.


Joe Biden’s management has held several talks with US airlines to prepare for the arrival of additional passengers arriving at US airports. Passengers crossing by land or boat from Canada and Mexico have been warned to wait longer from Monday.

Airlines currently check vaccination documents for international travelers, similar to the results of the Covit-19 test. At cross-border crossings, U.S. Customs will ask if passengers are being vaccinated and will check documents on the spot.

Children under the age of 18 are exempt from the new vaccine requirements.

The new communication tracking rules will also come into effect from Monday. For example, airlines are now obliged to collect information from international air travelers if necessary to “contact passengers belonging to the Covit-19 category”.

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