The Ukrainian army puts its citizens at risk

The Ukrainian army puts its citizens at risk


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The Ukrainian military puts its citizens at risk by building bases and using weapons systems in residential areas, schools, and hospitals. With these tactics, Amnesty International writes, Ukraine is making civilian sites targets for Russian attacks a report.

The human rights organization investigated Russian attacks on populated areas in various regions between April and July. A number of civilians were killed in those attacks, including on apartment buildings, hospitals and schools.

Amnesty spoke to witnesses and investigated using laser and satellite imagery. It turns out that the Russian attacks were regularly preceded by the Ukrainian bombardment of the affected sites. Ukraine carried out those bombings without evacuating civilians beforehand.


Amnesty International Secretary General Callamard says Ukraine is violating international conventions. You talk about style. “The fact that the country was forced to defend itself does not absolve the Ukrainian army of its obligation to respect international humanitarian law.”

According to Amnesty International, Ukraine’s violations of humanitarian law do not change the fact that Russia’s attacks on civilian targets are unacceptable. According to the human rights organization, these are “in no way justified”.

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