January 26, 2022

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The U.S. military expects Kabul to fall to the Taliban within a month

The U.S. military expects Kabul to fall to the Taliban within a month

It is therefore much worse than June when the U.S. military accepted at least another six-month period. Because Taliban militants are advancing faster than expected from Afghan government forces, the U.S. military has now withdrawn. At least eight provincial capitals were captured by the Taliban in one week.

Despite the bad news, US President Joe Biden reiterated yesterday that the decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan was not under discussion.

Air strikes

Withdrawals have already begun and will be formalized on August 31st. The limited US airstrikes currently being used against the Taliban will also cease, and Afghan government forces will often be left to their own devices.

Speaking at a press conference, Biden said: “The United States will continue to live up to its commitment. I think they are starting to realize what needs to be done. We will continue to have agreements and I do not regret my decision. “

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