The Super Nintendo World opened in 2023 at Universal Studios Theme Park, Hollywood.

Next year, Super Nintendo World will open its doors at Universal Studios Hollywood. An amusement park of the same name has opened since last year at Universal Studios in Japan. The exact content of the American theme park is not yet known.

Universal Studios promises a “visual scene,” “pioneering flight,” and “interactive zones,” but has yet to show specific details of the Super Nintendo World theme park. website Show inside the magic At the end of last year some pictures of the garden under construction. The theme park will be very similar to the version in Japan. It is not yet clear when the Hollywood Garden will open. The owner is calling Only in 2023.

In February last year The first Super Nintendo World theme park has opened† This is part of Universal Studios Japan, headquartered in Osaka. The main attraction of that park is a Mario Kart Roller Coaster With AR elements. Moreover, there is also a file Allure Yoshi’s Adventures

In addition to the Super Nintendo World theme park in Hollywood, more locations are planned. The first US Mario theme park was supposed to open in Orlando, Florida, but was postponed. This location is said to open in 2025. There are also plans for a Super Nintendo World theme park at Universal Studios Singapore, but details are not yet known.

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