Primary schools sing the Dutch version We are the world of refugees Ukraine | Instagram

Primary schools sing the Dutch version We are the world of refugees Ukraine |  Instagram

A large number of Dutch primary schools will play a Dutch version of the popular song in the school yard on Wednesday 16 March We are the world From USA to Africa she sings. The initiative comes from teacher Jessica Nortman from an elementary school in Hilo. On Thursday I put the website where schools can read the text and music of the song We are strong here can be downloaded.

According to Nortman, this happened hundreds of times within half a day. On Wednesday, as many children as possible are scheduled to sing at 11.55 am in schoolyards in the Netherlands. The mini concert can then be linked to a Giro555 fundraiser for the victims of the war in Ukraine. This time, the initiators chose, from five to twelve, “to indicate the gravity of the situation in Ukraine.”

They can decide for themselves how primary schools raise money for Giro555 through the campaign. Schools are free in the way they raise money. This can be done, for example, by passing the cap or through donations from parents, grandparents, grandmothers and neighbors, according to Miss Jessica on the site. The schools then transfer the collected amount themselves to Giro555.

The war is alive between the students

Nortmann and composer Hubert Jean Horrocks came up with this idea because the war in Ukraine is still alive among the students. They hope the procedure will also be a way for young children to talk about the situation of their peers in Ukraine.

We are the world Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones is a 1985 song to raise funds for the victims of the famine in Ethiopia. Dozens of world-famous singers contributed to the performance at that time. The song topped the charts for weeks.

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