The Stone of Death is falling apart, but where did the ghost go? † Abroad

The Stone of Death is falling apart, but where did the ghost go?  † Abroad

A Japanese woman on Twitter wonders if the genie is now out of the bottle. She writes: “I kind of hope so.” Another person wrote on Twitter that she feels like she saw something she should have seen. Some believe that the hack means the ghost is spreading throughout Japan.

conspiracy against the emperor

The Stone of Death is located in Tochigi, near Tokyo, Japan. Legend in Japanese mythology says that the stone contains the spirit of the evil nine-tailed fox. This ghost took the form of the beautiful woman Tamamo-no-Mae a thousand years ago, in order to plot a plot against the then Japanese Emperor Toba. Since that time, touching the stone has brought death, according to legend. The story has been made into books, films, and comics. The rope that was tied around the stone is now ominously lying on the ground.

While the Japanese are trying extensively to explain the reason from myths, the local media has come up with a scientific explanation. In recent years, cracks have appeared in the stone, most likely due to rainwater that seeped in. The local guide describes the separator as a “disgrace”, as it is a regional symbol. Although he knows it is a natural process.

And now what? The national government will look for a solution with the local authorities, because Sessho-seki is an important tourist destination. Local authorities prefer not to lose it. Japanese media cite stone restoration as a possible solution, including imprisoning the legendary inhabitant in it.

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