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Nvidia acquires Excelero. This is an NVMe storage software provider for enterprise and high performance computing purposes. It is not known what amount the acquisition was involved in.

Nvidia announces its acquisition of Excelero On his website† Excelero post-acquisition to increase Nvidia support for block storage in its software stack for enterprise and HPC. For example, Excelero . can Nvidia’s . Magnum IO stack for data center storage, writes CRN† Excelero will also be used in Nvidia’s BlueField dpus. These are chips designed specifically for data processing.

Excelero’s core product is NVMesh† This program is used for matrices from NVMe SSD drives and use them as shared storage within the network. This allows enterprise customers to use SSDs as central storage for systems for various purposes. The software works within a local network as well as in the cloud. For example, the software has been supported on Microsoft Azure since last year.

Nvidia continues to honor contracts by providing support to existing Excelero customers, the company reports. However, in the future, Excelero products will be integrated into Nvidia platforms. In addition, future Excelero products will be withdrawn from the market, HPCWire writes† The Excelero brand name will also disappear and the company will no longer continue as a separate division. Excelero employees will begin work at Nvidia. Excelero previously worked with Nvidia. The company did this through Mellanox, which actually launched in 2019. Captured by gpu maker

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