The Razer Stream Controller X has 15 LCD buttons and costs €180 – Gaming News

AutoHotkey is anything but easy to use, it’s definitely an option if you like playing with this sort of thing, but it takes a lot of time and effort to get it to work properly.

I hear mixed stories about iCue itself, but the software that many other keyboards have with macro keys is often very limited, not maintained or sometimes absent, so you can only assign keyboard macros. Streamdeck’s software is very extensive, relatively easy to use, and actively maintained. This is certainly one of the reasons why it is and remains such a popular product compared to some of the other competitors.

Affected keyboards that already have macro keys. Yes, this is definitely an option if you have a limited number of use cases and/or good memory. When it comes to a handful of keys it’s still a bit memorable what each key does, but at some point it’s simply helpful to have a visual indicator.

In addition, it simply provides additional options in terms of feedback on certain actions.

In short, the combination of accessible features and software is what makes Streamdeck such an interesting product.

This is also why Razer’s product wasn’t given much of a chance. Razer isn’t really known for providing long-term product support.

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