The prosecutor’s office is removing assets worth more than $ 400,000 from Munguna Bay

This is a residence and land, as well as a bank account of more than $ 42,000. This is in response to a request made by the prosecutor’s office to the court last June.

Tax officials have confiscated two assets worth more than $ 400,000, as well as a bank account of more than $ 42,000, from former Defense and Defense Minister David Munguna Bayes.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic has stated that legal action has already been taken by the Special Cell for Domain Destruction, which, in accordance with the judicial process, is being followed by a former official of the governments of Mauritius Fonseca and Salvador Sanchez.

“Through the special domain seizure unit, propertiesFGR_SV has created 2 assets, one worth $ 300,000 and the second $ 116,000, as well as a bank account with $ 42,316.03,” the attorney’s office tweeted in its official account.

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In the information posted on Twitter, it did not give further details about the assets taken from Munguna Bay, but they did upload pictures of a house and a land.

The answer to this intervention Request requested by Attorney’s Office on June 11th, To interfere in the property owned by Munguna Bayes and his family group because he maintains that these were purchased illegally.

Munguía Payés Allegations of money laundering and other corruption. In October 2020, the former minister’s other eight assets, located in San Salvador and La Libertad, will have warehouses, vehicles and at least ten financial products such as bank accounts, time deposits, world value of over 4.6 million.

Munguna Bayes has been accused of negotiating with gangs to reduce the number of assassinations in exchange for prison and economic concessions when he served as public defense minister in the Fonseka government for the leaders of these criminal groups.

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He is being prosecuted for allegedly exchanging unused weapons from the Ministry of Defense for two bombs for a company dedicated to arms sales. Munguía Payés is under house arrest.

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