The parties also investigated Johnson’s apartment in the ‘party gate’ | abroad

The parties also investigated Johnson's apartment in the 'party gate' |  abroad

Johnson is under fire for stories about illegal drinks in 10 Downing Street. For example, there could have been two parties the night before Britain’s Prince Philip’s funeral. During the lockdowns, there was also a weekly brew for employees who worked at the Prime Minister’s official residence. Johnson himself is said to have watched meetings regularly and is said to have encouraged his staff to “de-stress”. Drinks were taken in the garden of the official residence. This issue is now known as the “Party Gateway”.

present at home

Earlier, Dominic Cummings, a former Johnson adviser who is now one of his fiercest critics, accused that unauthorized parties had also taken place in Johnson’s apartment – not just in 10 Downing Street. This claim is now under investigation. So far, the prime minister has argued that he has not been personally present at most parties. Johnson probably can’t make that excuse about partying at his house.

Senior Government Official Sue Gray is leading the investigation into possible violations of the Corona rules by Johnson and his entourage. Johnson has now told the senior official how much he knows about parties and drinks. The Sunday Times reported that Gray was “in ongoing talks” with Scotland Yard.

According to the Observer, Gray will soon publish a 25-page report on about a dozen different festivities and gatherings. To this end, it was allowed to evaluate electronic records that record who entered and left Downing Street and when.

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