May 28, 2023

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The paintings from the American mechanic fish trash can are worth millions

The paintings from the American mechanic fish trash can are worth millions

In September 2017, Jared Whipple received a call from a friend who was removing an abandoned shed. The warehouse is not owned and sold. The building was full of paintings, drawings and statues. The friend called Whipple thinking she might appreciate it.

To the indoor skate park

The next day Jared went to see her. There were hundreds of paintings, sculptures and drawings in the trash. They were covered in plastic, but very dirty. Whipple loved them and took everything with them.

Whipple planned to hang large paintings in his indoor skate park. But when he began to explore the source of the paintings, he came back to it.

The late artist

He discovered that canvases were painted by Francis Hines, an artist who lived in Connecticut and New York. The artist passed away in 2016 at the age of 96.

According to an art expert, Hines’ artwork is now worth millions of dollars. Whipple is going to sell some of Hines’ canvases, mainly to ensure that the artist’s qualities are recognized and that Hines becomes a household name in the art world.

But he will not sell all the work. He tells the CT insider“I took them out of a container, I loved them. I felt a connection with the work. Now I want to add Hines to the history books.”

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