The NFL is still monitoring quarterback play

The NFL is still monitoring quarterback play

There’s a report going around that commissioner Roger Goodell wants to see the Eagles’ quarterback, by whatever name he’s called, Out of the game forever. While we cannot vouch for Goodell’s personal feelings on the matter, the fact is that the league continues to monitor the play.

According to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, the NFL is monitoring it. There is no pressure yet to push the push game out of the game.

At the end of last season, “several” clubs asked the League to look into the matter. The league noted that approximately 18 teams used some variation of the play.

The source said: “The clubs have now expanded the playing options from this formation.”

Ultimately, 24 owners will have to vote to eliminate the play. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie would undoubtedly vote “no” on any such proposal. Earlier this year, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones He surprisingly supported the play.

Goodell’s personal feelings won’t matter if at least nine owners agree. While there’s nothing stopping Goodell from twisting his arms hard (as he apparently did earlier this year to secure the ability to shift Thursday games to Sundays and vice versa), he should be willing to spend more political capital if He will go. Against the will of nine or more owners who do not wish to be voted out of the game.

It’s actually good for attacking football. For the Eagles, who have mastered that, first-and-10 becomes first-and-eight. If more teams can master this, more yards will be gained, more drives will be sustained, and more points will be scored.

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The NFL definitely wants to score more points. This fact becomes apparent in years when scoring is high — and the NFL sends out frequent press releases touting this fact to those who cover the game.

Thus, regardless of whether the commissioner personally wanted the play to continue or not, the real power lay with the nine or more owners. If at least Nine says “keep it,” nothing the commissioner says, does, or thinks will matter.

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