The new Zelda game does almost the impossible: it gives the player complete freedom

The new Zelda game does almost the impossible: it gives the player complete freedom

Zelda is and still is one of Nintendo’s most important series. At the end of the eighties, the first part showed how an adventure game should work. The game was full of puzzles and secret areas, in schoolyards all over the world, strategies were exchanged for weeks on how best to explore the world. In the late 90’s he was caliph Ocarina of time The standard for 3D gaming all over the world. Decades later, this game is still at the top of many favorites lists, such as How The Godfather Still on movie fan lists. Since then, a new Zelda event has been a major event – a new sequel will come out this Friday after six years, and Nintendo has said almost nothing about it all that time.

advances, Breath of the Wild, it spun off from some of the major Zelda conventions in 2017. Where in previous games it moved linearly from dungeon to dungeon, this is suddenly a free-to-explore sandbox. You can immediately try to defeat the great evil, or just waste your time on puzzles and collecting new equipment.

Where the old Zelda games had one solution to a problem or puzzle, there was a solution Breath of the Wild Suddenly ten. It was a “find it out for yourself” game. Did you come up with a crazy solution that would never be possible in other games? There’s a good chance you’ll do that in Zelda. An interesting idea on paper, but very difficult to convert in practice. Because how do you ensure that players come up with the right things?

Lego box

However, Nintendo succeeded. Breath of the Wild He gave the player complete freedom. This idea is expanded even further in the new Idea Kingdom Tears. Once again enter the fantasy world of Hyrule as the swordsman Link, where ancient ruins have been launched into the sky by mysterious magic. Princess Zelda, always a victim, must be saved for the umpteenth time. As in the previous game, Link First solve all kinds of puzzles to unlock new powers.

The main innovation is how Link now connects objects to each other. Combine stone with sword and suddenly hook with hammer. As soon as you come across larger objects, the game turns into a kind of creative Lego box. Suddenly a propeller in a mine cart turns into a car that propels you forward, while a fire whizzes under a balloon that lifts you into the air. The further you go, the more complex the possibilities.

The protagonist Link is on an adventure in the fictional world of Hyrule.
Nintendo image

The synergy between construction and bewilderment is phenomenal. One puzzle involved a rolling ball hitting the target. A selection of possibilities: build a bat, stick the ball on a long stick or make a plane. Everything is correct solution. It forces you to look at a problem creatively.

This principle is everywhere in this game. A group of musicians would like to visit a fairy? Make a cart for your horse, or make a fully functional car. Even campy enemies are a puzzle in Zelda, full of ways to take them out without reaching for your sword.


It works Kingdom Tears To walk a line is almost impossible. As a player you get tangible freedom. But the invisible, barely noticeable design choices ensure that the player is pointed in the right direction. Other games are often as boring as this creative thinking because it is difficult to implement. Zelda succeeds.

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There is an increase in size Breath of the Wild bee. I spent dozens of hours wandering the caverns below Hyrule, flying between airy islands to solve intricate puzzles. Flying ensures that you are constantly stimulated: from the air you always see new places to explore. Those who follow the story also travel to large temples full of puzzles, just like in the old Zelda games.

It’s a game full of details, which sometimes the creators don’t point out. Did you know, for example, that the caves below Hyrule are mirrored, so that in places where there is a lake in the upper world, you encounter a mountain? You should just notice it. For example, the creators have hidden hundreds of little surprises in the world of Hyrule. It’s a game about secrets that get deeper and deeper into your head.

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