Sonos launches a new subscription speaker

Sonos launches a new subscription speaker

to Sonos Flex Subscribers receive at least two speakers from €19.95 per month. The cheapest subscription includes two Sonos One speakers. There are eight packages in total, including the new one, for example Era of 100Soundbars, Sonos Speakers and Portable Speakers SonosMove.

When a subscription is made, additional speakers can be added to the package. The most expensive subscription includes a single subscription Sonos arc, sub era and two out of 100 and costs €99.95 per month. Sonos already tested a three-pack monthly speaker subscription in the Netherlands in 2019. Today the Sonos Flex offering launched with a new look.

Revocable after 3 months

Sonos will continue to own the speakers for Flex subscribers, who can upgrade later as new speaker models come out. According to Sonos, the subscription can be canceled at any time after the first three months.

Some speakers have been refurbished

Not all of the Sonos speakers Flex subscribers receive are brand new. According to the company, there may also be refurbished products, but Sonos says it is “testing extensively.”

Products are covered against defects and accidental damage. “We’ll pay for the replacement product and shipping,” Sonos says. Subscribers also get access to ad-free music on Sonos Radio HD.

Sonos stock price drop

Sonos’ share price rose on Thursday down a bit After the trading volume in the quarterly figures were disappointing. Sonos CEO Patrick Spence said the company has lowered forecasts for the second half of this year due to lower consumer demand.

Not only do people put off buying new speakers every so often. The same is happening with smartphones and computers, whose sales have also collapsed in recent months.

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