The new The Witcher game will be available to newcomers

The new The Witcher game will be available to newcomers

CD Projekt RED is currently hard at work on the next game in The Witcher series (still known as the “Polaris” project) and this is their focus right now. We don’t know much about this game yet, but director Sebastian Kalimba reveals something to us in one of them interview.

He discusses an interesting point: This new game will be the fourth main game in the series, which may be off-putting to some of us. After all, what if you haven’t played the previous games? Kalimba reaffirms: The Witcher 4 will be a good entry point for newcomers.

Naturally, the existing lore of previous games will be retained, which will also appeal to older fans.

“We want to continue on the same path we’ve been on, but we don’t want to play the same game. I think that’s a given. We have some traditional elements to maintain. At the end of the day, the universe is still the same, and we can’t go beyond certain limits.

Therefore, we must follow a very specific path and innovate. At the same time, it is clear that we have to try to appease a new audience. The Witcher 4 won’t be released for several years, and it will be a long time since the previous release, so we can’t target an audience that’s already passionate about the saga. We must also build a new society. In this regard, I think I can say that it will be an excellent entry point for many players, without forgetting the old fans who still want to follow Geralt’s adventures.’

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