NPO Start app not working on your TV? It’s not a glitch, it’s just what happens

NPO Start app not working on your TV?  It's not a glitch, it's just what happens

The NPO Start app on their smart TV has been no longer working for some viewers since this weekend. This is due to the NPO moving to a new application. Older TVs are no longer supported. There are alternative ways to send NPO Start to your TV.

The transition to the new NPO application has been fully implemented since Friday 1 December. Since then, some people have received a message on their smart TVs saying they’re “blocked” if they do so never To open. According to NPO Customer Service, there are several reasons for this. The situation was temporary on LG TVs, because LG’s NPO Start app is now available again. On newer Samsung TVs, you must download and install the new app to be able to use NPO Start again.

No longer for old smart TVs

But older Samsung TVs are no longer supported by its native app since December 1. This is an application developed specifically for this type of TV. The NPO has dropped support for older native apps for “cost reasons.” In addition to some Samsung models, the native NPO Start apps for TVs from Philips, Sony, Hisense, Panasonic, Loewe and HBBTV are also gone.

All Android TV devices continue to receive support, but that doesn’t mean the new app on your TV will always work. “Android includes a wide range of devices. So we cannot guarantee that the new app will remain available for all types of devices.”

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Cast to your TV via the website or app

Users can alternatively cast the NPO Start website or mobile apps to their smart TVs, for example via Chromecast. This is currently possible with the Android app, but not temporarily with the iOS app.

“The casting option from the NPO start iOS app is temporarily not possible. We understand that it is upsetting that this functionality is missing and we are doing our best to add this functionality back as quickly as possible,” the NPO said. Casting from the website via AirPlay should work.

The Apple TV app is incomplete

NPO Start apps on some devices, including Apple TV, are currently incomplete. For example, NPO Plus sign-in, live viewing, and search are temporarily not possible in the new tvOS app for Apple TV. This is because the rollout is done gradually.

“To maintain control and make sure that each app has a stable foundation, we don’t do everything at once. We implement innovation in stages. First the website, then the Android app and Android TV, then the iOS app, then the set-top boxes from KPN and Ziggo and finally Apple TV.”

Missing items like creating favorites, watching next episodes, and a child’s profile will return “for the foreseeable future.”

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