The new moon will be very close to Earth tomorrow

The new moon will be very close to Earth tomorrow

The distance between Earth and the new moon tomorrow will be only 356,568 kilometers. This is the smallest distance in 1337 years.

Once every 29 to 30 days is the new moon. When the Moon is roughly between the Earth and the Sun, we only see the shadow side of the Moon. So the moon is not visible. The shadow side of the moon is not the opposite side of the moon. We never see the far side of the Moon from the Earth’s surface, because the Moon always faces the same side towards us.

The new moon is the opposite of the full moon. During a full moon, the Earth is between the moon and the sun and the moon can be admired in its full glory.

Why is the moon so close tomorrow?
The moon has an elliptical orbit. This means that our natural satellite is regularly approaching Earth. Astronomers talk about a supermoon when the moment when the moon is closest to Earth (perigee) roughly coincides with the moment of the full moon. Then the moon will be larger and brighter than usual.

Tomorrow we can talk about an invisible moon. The Moon is not visible, but it is relatively close to the Earth. The excitement is especially great among astronomers, because the distance between Earth and the new moon is the smallest in 1,337 years. In the year 1030, the distance between the Earth and the new moon is even smaller, which is 356,562 kilometers. Only in 2368 did the distance become smaller again: 356,559 kilometers. In comparison, the mean is the distance between the Earth and the Moon Perihelion is about 363,300 km. Outside perihelion, the average distance between Earth and the Moon is about 405,000 km.

The discerning reader will notice that we regularly talk about the “new moon” above. It often happens that the Moon is closest to the Earth, but not when there is a new moon at the same time. On January 1, 2018 The distance between the moon and the earth was smallerie 356,565 kilometers.

Moon fall? number…
By the way, you don’t have to worry about the moon falling to the ground. The distance between the Moon and the Earth increases every year About four inches. Scientists believe that There would be no life on earth without the moon. This is how our natural satellite prevented the young Earth from losing its atmosphere and becoming forever uninhabitable. “The moon appears to have formed a large protective barrier against Earth’s solar wind,” said researcher Jim Green. “And this allowed the Earth to maintain its atmosphere at that time.”

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