The Netherlands is digitally dependent on China and the United States

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The Netherlands and the rest of Europe depend on non-European countries for almost all digital nodes. Warns there Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research For TNO. To reduce this dependency, policymakers, the business community and knowledge organizations need to work together to increase digital sovereignty in every area.

Currently, 92 percent of European data is stored on US servers. Moreover, most digital infrastructure is in the hands of some non-European suppliers. Google

Digital vulnerability

In recent years, technology has continued to advance. Things like 5G And this Cloud Make a huge impact on the community. For example, they make it so much easier To work from homeThis allowed many departments to continue to operate during corona epidemics.

We are all accustomed to the benefits of technology and the Internet. However, there is a drawback. Makes us dependent Great technology, Or large-scale online (market) sites. It has already been shown that they do not give priority to privacy and consumer interests.

In addition, the dependence on digital technology makes us vulnerable in other ways. Since the Netherlands and Europe do not control many technologies themselves, we are dependent on others. This can be a source of frustration for both parties. The risks we face as a result ransomware attacks Or censorship of countries like China.


TNO calls on the European Commission and the Dutch government to promote research and development of technological innovations. It provides forward-thinking examples such as 6G and artificial intelligence, and solutions such as federal cloud storage.

In addition, TNO points to the importance of European standards and regulations and related business models. Think about GDPR And Future Digital Markets Law and Digital Services Act prioritize online privacy and end-user capabilities.

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